Strap Yourself Into The State-Of-The-Art Sodi RT8 Go Karts 

The Go Kart track is positioned right alongside Southern Loop of the Grand Prix Circuit and overlooks the cliffs to Bass Strait. The Go Kart track operates year round excluding the periods for MotoGP & the Superbike World Championship. 

Check out the footage of the V8 Supercar drivers putting the karts through their paces at

SODI RT8 Go Karts

  • French made European designed karts
  • Fully adjustable seats and pedals
  • Full surround protection
  • Roll bar and seat belt protection
  • Reduced minimum heights allowing more people to ride
  • 9Hp Honda GX 270 engine
  • Anti-gas braking system

  SODI 2Drive Tandem Go Karts

  • French made European designed karts
  • Twin seats so you can give your child the experience of go karting
  • Full surround protection
  • Roll bar and seat belt protection
  • 9 Hp Honda GX 270 engine

Go Kart FAQ’s

1/ Q: Will I need special clothing to drive the Go Karts?

A: You won’t need special clothing to go on the Go Karts but you must have enclosed footwear, clothing that covers your shoulders (no singlets) and no loose clothing items - eg scarves

2/ Q: Will the Go Karts operate if is raining?

A: Yes, we will continue to operate the go karts in most weather conditions, but we do recommend bringing your own rain gear.

3/ Q: Do I have to book for a session on the Go Kart track?

A: No, you can just arrive and drive, but we do take Go Karts bookings for groups of 10 people and above during non-peak times.

4/ Q: What age do I have to be to drive the Go Karts?

A: To drive the go karts you must be 12 years or older and a Minimum height of 140*cm

5/ Q: How old does my child have to be to ride in a tandem Go Karts?

A: Your child must be 5 years or older and accompanied by an adult over 18 years of age and at least 140*cm tall.

6/ Q: I don't have any driving experience. Am I allowed on the Go Karts?

A: Yes. We have a full drivers briefing that will show you what to do while on the go kart track. We have also split the competitors into two levels of experience - Family and open sessions.

7/ Q: Do you recommend the go karts if I have a pre-exisitng medical condition? 

A: For comfort and safety, Phillip Island Go Karts is not recommended for guests with the following:

  • A physical impairment that prevents them using their legs or arms
  • Neck or back injuries
  • High blood pressure
  • Heart conditions
  • Pregnancy
  • Recent surgery or illness

*Subject to change

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